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Meet the Team


Jenna Mailhes


Hello! My name is Jenna Mailhes and I am the current Director for Camp Tiger 2018! Volunteering with MedCamps of Louisiana for the last three summers inspired me to get involved with Camp Tiger here in Shreveport. Last year, I served as a counselor at Camp Tiger, which left me with a greater love and desire to work with children and those with special needs. I cherished watching the children flourish and enjoy themselves as they were able to participate in activities in and around Shreveport. I can’t wait to welcome the new and returning faces to Camp Tiger this year!

Kirsten F

Kirsten Fontenot

Camper Co-Director

Hi, my name is Kirsten Fontenot, I am a first year medical student, and I am serving as one of the Camper Co-Directors for Camp Tiger 2018! I have always been passionate about working with kids and the opportunity to work with special needs kids at Camp Tiger last year was amazing! To see my camper slowly open up as the week progressed and see how Camp and all of its activities allowed the kids to feel at home and comfortable around other kids that are similar to them really shows how amazing this program is and I cannot wait to help make this year’s camp a blast for all of the campers that will be joining us!


Kristie Tso

Camper Co-Director

My name is Kristie Tso and I’m a 1st year medical student from Shreveport, LA. I began working with children with special needs my freshman year at LA Tech through Buddy Ball of Ruston. For 2 summers during undergrad, I was a camp counselor at MedCamps of Louisiana, a camp for children with disabilities. I was a counselor during Camp Tiger this past year and served as treasurer of Clays for Camp Tiger. Currently I am one of the camper co-directors for Camp Tiger and I’m so excited to see returning campers and meet new campers and incoming medical students! My favorite part about Camp Tiger last year was seeing how much fun the kids were having.


Meagan Tinsley

Counseor Co-Director

Hello! My name is Meagan Tinsley and I’m a first year medical student serving as a Counselor Co-Director for Camp Tiger! Having worked with Camp Rainman in high school and college, I saw Camp Tiger as another way to serve wonderful kids here in Shreveport. There is nothing quite like getting to know your camper and see them having a blast at all the activities we get to do! I can’t wait to introduce more students to these awesome kids and make Camp Tiger just as fun this year!


Katy Bland

Counselor Co-Director

Hi, my name is Katy Bland and I am the Camp Tiger 2018 Co-director for the Incoming Counselors. I have always loved working with children who have special needs because of all the wonderful work my mother does with the Bossier School Board. My experience at Camp Tiger last summer was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun getting to meet my future classmates and becoming friends with the other medical students in my class and the class above me. It was such an awesome experience to learn about different disabilities and illnesses that I would be exposed to as the school year went on, which makes learning about these conditions more personable and easier. I absolutely LOVED my camper and was so lucky to get to hang out!! It was amazing to see how the campers slowly warmed up to their counselors, and, though some were not able to say it, they did show love to their counselors in their own way! The campers were able to participate in different activities that may not have been available for them before, which made it so heart-warming when their faces would light up from having so much fun and feeling so comfortable at the different trips we went on. Though I have been to a lot of the places we have visited during camp tiger because I am from Shreveport/ Bossier City, it felt like I was experience all of these different hangouts for the first time! I just cannot wait for Camp Tiger to come around so I can see be able to meet the incoming counselors, but also to see our lovely campers again!